Increasing appetite for elderly people

Increasing appetite for elderly peopleWhen it comes to elderly people simple things like shopping and cooking are becoming more difficult. It’s an approved practice of eating useless foods like crackers, toast. This results in susceptibility to diseases, which in turn can cause depression, and from there again a lack of appetite. Natural causes that lead to these phenomena, are several. At first this may be the presence of certain chronic diseases that may hinder the shopping, cooking and eating, but also suppress appetite. On the other hand, certain difficulties in chewing and swallowing can become an obstacle for eating, and dry mouth. Here are more details:

  • Often, after a stay in hospital for illness and operations elderly people often suffer from loss of appetite, weight and frustration. Pills are another factor which may lead to suppression of appetite. Old people, especially if they have experienced a serious illness, many lose significant muscle mass and fat, which can lead to loss of appetite due to changes in the chemistry of the body.
  • To strengthen the body of the old man in the first place it must be provided with large doses of fresh fruit, such as apples, bananas and vegetables. Good menu includes vegetable oils, nuts, wheat germ, fruits and cereals, yogurt. Even your upholstery cleaners Portsmouth know that.
  • Satiety between meals may be achieved with a piece of fruit, cheese, milkshake. Meals should be at least 4-5 per day.
  • Since in most cases, older people are malnourished, they often suffer from a lack of protein, vitamin B6 and B12, folic acid, niacin, vitamin D, calcium and zinc. They must be adopted in the form of food supplements. Thus the normal flora of the body is restored and the appetite will inevitably excite.
  • Another factor that will inevitably excite the appetite is movement. It may be in any form – domestic cleaning Portsmouth, a walk in the park or playing with grandchildren. Of course, it must be consistent with the physical state of a person.

If you take care of elderly people now you know what to do to increase their appetite.


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